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Taking a Look at Genesis –

The Creation Stories As you know the Homewood Bible Study group is beginning a series on the Book of Genesis, I thought I would share a bit of it with all of you. Genesis 1 first became known in the era of the Babylonian exile in the 6th century BCE. The temple had been destroyed and some of the Jewish community were taken to Babylon. Genesis 1 is a foundational chapter, giving us form and a glimpse of who God is. There are two creation stories – Genesis 1:1-2:3.

The first is a rather rhythmic, poetic version. “God speaks and God sees and then God repeats the pattern. “Then God said, Let there be light: “ and there was light. And God saw that the light was good” (Gen. 1:3-4a). God understands our need to find patterns, to seek structure, to return to the familiar and to handle the challenging parts of our lives from an ordered place. God has given us a foundation on which to build and rebuild upon as we walk our faith journey. To the Jewish community, who had been dispersed, hearing these words would have brought hope and assurance that God is in control and has an plan and an order for their lives (and also for ours), that would have helped them move forward in faith.

Genesis 1 is also an act of blessing. For each segment of creation, God paused and pronounced “that it was good”, at the end of each day as a kind of blessing. He didn’t wait for completion, but blessed each part as He created it. We can take solace that wherever we are on our faith journey, God has a blessing in it for us. God blesses us along our journey, not just when we “have arrived”.

 Genesis is an ordering of our days, our calendar into a seven day cycle. It introduces the idea of Sabbath, a time for rest and restoration.

Some things for you to ponder:

Could God still be adding and ordering new things today – to your life – to the life of the church?

Do we see a blessing in each segment of our life/faith journey?

What blessing is God bestowing upon you right now? What does it mean to you when you hear that you are made in God’s image?

How do we create a Sabbath time in a world that does not always allow for a full day of rest? What happens when we do not have intentional Sabbath times in our lives?

(Taken and Adapted from “A Listen Up!” Bible Study on Genesis Part 1 by Judith Copeland.)

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