Look what God has done in and through us!

Back in 2013 , we began looking at our Hopes and Dreams concerning our church. We
talked and prayed and talked some more and came up with a list of things we would
like to see happen in the near and far future. Some thought, we wouldn’t follow
through. Some thought we shouldn’t spend the money to do the things. And, some
even thought— “why bother”. But the consistory forged ahead.
I am proud to say that many of our “Hopes and Dreams” have been realized along with
other unplanned projects and ministries. It turns out that when we put our trust in
God to guide us and see us through—nothing is impossible—not even a small aging
congregation like ours.
Below is the original list of our Hopes and Dreams—the only two that have not been
realized as of yet are : new carpet in the sanctuary and narthex and new lighting in
the narthex.

Physically: (ones in green are completed/ left to do in red
 Update the fellowship hall bathrooms with more efficient and handicapped
 Build a handicapped bathroom on the main floor with a changing table.
 Replace the pizza oven with two Gas/Convection stoves in the kitchen.
 Install air conditioning on the first floor and in the upstairs Sunday School rooms
 Replace the carpeting in the sanctuary and narthex.
 New lighting in the Narthex.
 Recover the pews in the sanctuary.
 New lighting in the kitchen and serving area.
 New doors (front, parking lot & ramp)
Additional items we have completed that are not on our list.
Acquired a steam table, a thermal warmer and hooked water and drainage to the sink in the fellowship hall, placed a stone boarder around the building, and covered the window wells. We now have an electronic ad in the bowling alley!

Spiritual: these are things that are on going and expanding
 Enhance our music program.
 Be more mission oriented – created “Mission Your Way”, each month a new mission
is highlighted that people can support and added pill bottle collection and
recently, can tab collection to help outside ministries
 Enhance the hospitality of our Community meal.
 Begin a Prayer Circle that meets once a week to pray for the church, members
and community. Join them!!!
 To be bold in our witness. Continuing to minister in the community though our
Hallowed Eve out-reach, the Pre School Easter Party, HomeWood Birthday Party,
Ministerium events and more.

Unexpected Project to be completed:
This project was not on our list, but has become a necessity. As most of you are aware, we have had issues with termites in the back choir room where we stored our music and paraments. The cabinets had to be pulled out and will need to be broken apart and removed. We are hoping that we can salvage the drawer that the paraments were stored and move it back behind the chancel. The walls in that room will need to be repaired, sheet-rocked and painted and we will probably need new windows installed. We will also have to purchase metal cabinets to store our music in. You will near more about this as plans are made to refurbish the room.   – now completed!
Our Hope and Dreams are made possible by your hard work, your prayers and your
monetary response to our 50/50 Legacy.How blessed are we! Our faithfulness in
action. Praise be to the one who makes all things possible!

Your Consistory:
Over the past several month, our consistory as been working diligently on a process called SWOT! – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats. This is something  you will hear about in the near future. Please keep them in prayer as they continue to work on your behalf for the ministry and future of our church.
As we progress, dreaming new dreams and seeking more ways to be the hands and feet of Christ, challenge yourself to become more involved in the future of St. John’s and our ministry to one another and the world around us. Ask yourself, how can I help— how can I be a part of the solutions. It is when we work together that we accomplish great things.

“God of change and glory, God of time and space, when we fear the future,
Give to us your grace . . . As the old ways disappear, let your love cast out all fear.”
– AL Carmines, 1973