Penn West Conference News

Penn West Conference Annual Gathering & Meeting

Our Penn West Conference Annual Gathering & Meeting will be held on June 7-8, 2019, at California University of Pennsylvania, 250 University Ave., California PA. Our theme is “A Just World for All,” and our keynote speaker will be the Rev. Traci Blackmon, our United Church of Christ Executive Minister for Justice and Local Church Ministries.

Our Planning Team is excited to announce that we will be having nearly all our events at California University of Pennsylvania under one roof this year. We will not be using the Convocation Center, but instead, all of our times together will be held in the Natali Student Center. The Natali Student Center is where we have our meals (the Gold Rush Culinary Center) and is just a very short walk from the dormitories. This will be a big help to anyone who might have hesitated to come to the Annual Gathering & Meeting due to mobility issues.

Also this year, our website (which includes our Annual Gathering & Meeting materials) will be accessible by mobile devices.

General Synod 32

The Thirty-Second General Synod of the United Church of Christ will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from June 21-25. The theme of the gathering is “Shine!” Our delegation is very much looking forward to participating. There will be several opportunities at our Annual Gathering & Meeting to visit with our delegates, and we hope you will feel free to connect with them about any questions you have about our upcoming General Synod. Please keep them and all who are involved in General Synod this year in your prayers.

Financial Stewards

Our Conference is blessed to have people who care for the financial health and well-being of our churches and our Conference. Financial Stewards is the name of the group that combines the work of a finance committee with a commitment to the principles of good stewardship. Financial Stewards prepare an annual Conference Budget for the Board to recommend to the Annual Gathering & Meeting. The group monitors the budget, finances, and investments of the Conference during the course of the year. By providing workshops and resources, members also seek to provide inspiration, Biblical understanding, and skills to guide churches and members to be faithful in their stewardship of God’s gifts. They celebrate churches’ OCWM gifts and the “5 for 5” churches at the Conference Annual Gathering & Meeting. The “5 for 5” offerings of Our Church’s Wider Mission include Strengthen the Church, One Great Hour of Sharing, Neighbors in Need, and The Christmas Fund. Let us know if you’d like to become part of us!


                    Juniata Association News

At the last Executive meeting the following items were approved:

  1. Any youth from the Juniata Association who attend the Annual Gathering of the Penn West Conference will be reimbursed half of their registration fee.
  2. In addition to the current ministries that we support, we will be creating a yearly scholarship fund totaling 2 – $1000 scholarship for one male and one female student at Lancaster Seminary.
  3. The Fall Association Mtg. will be held on Saturday, October 26th at Trinity U.C.C. in Saxton, beginning at 9 am with breakfast, followed by opening Devotions, a program offered by the Transformation and Renewal Team, an overview of General Synod, and News from the Conference Office. There will be an offering taken which will go towards the Juniata Scholarship Fund for Lancaster Seminary.