This is more of a reflection. I hope all of you took advantage of being snowed in to relax and slow down a little. I thought it was a good time for a jigsaw puzzle! The one I hadn’t opened yet was one of Jesus knocking at the door.. Putting it together became a time of reflection for me.

I enjoyed “putting Jesus” together! I found his face, a foot, a hand, then the other hand, finally his other foot. I exclaimed to my husband “ I found Jesus!” He looked over at me and said, “About time!” and chuckled.

Well, that got me thinking.

First, I thought about how, at time, I really do concentrate on one “part” of Jesus more than other.

His face, brings a smile to my heart. It makes me feel safe and accepted.

His arms and hands – offer me a sense of welcome, comfort and security.

His feet, remind me that he walks with me and I am never alone.

One of the verses from this past Sunday was 1 Corinthians 12:27:

“Now you are the Body of Christ and each one of you is a part of it.”

In the “light” of that scripture, my thoughts began to change.

As a Believer in Christ, when people look at me, do they see the face of Christ? Do they see a face that brings a smile to their heart, that makes them feel safe and accepted.

When it comes to the arms and hands – are my mine welcoming, do they offer comfort, compassion, and a sense of peace?

When it comes to my feet – do I walk with others in their time of need? Do I walk where Jesus calls me to walk?

Secondly, this particular depiction of Jesus knocking at the door, has a window in the door and the window is glowing with light. I found that interesting, for most pictures have a solid door. That window was one of the first things I put together. Then while building the puzzle, I realized that putting Jesus together was much easier then assembling the rest of the door. The door area is dark and surrounded by a stone wall. That is the part I am starting on now. I am realizing I don’t like the dark part. It reminds of me of looking at the dark areas of my life. But then, I look up at that window and realize that there is light shining brightly inside and Jesus is willing to come through my darkness to find that light within.

Hope you enjoyed your “snow days”. I sure did!

Blessings, from the Light in the door!

Let us pray: Lord of Light, thank you for loving me unconditionally and for always knocking at my door of darkness. Amen.

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