Removing the Lampshade January 19, 2016

I will surely demand your blood for a human life, from every living thing I will demand it. From humans, from a man for his brother, I will demand something for a human life.  Whoever sheds human blood, by a human his blood will be shed; for in the divine image God made human beings.

These verses are what God spoke to Noah as they were departing the Arc. Re-read them. They are powerful words from our God.  Those words should sizzle in our hearts, when we see them in the Light.

How does that play out in our lives, especially when Christians, shed blood in the name of God? I am not talking about war or self defense, I am talking about senseless killings committed in the Name of God. When pastors and other Christians leaders tell people it is OK to kill!   If a person believes differently, or anyone else that doesn’t believe in our God. If they live a way you don’t approve of, go ahead annihilate them. So, if someone is homosexual, is not white, or Muslim or has a different belief practice then they do, get rid of them! May God have mercy on their soul.

God himself said he will demand their blood for taking a human life.

God made human beings – all human beings in His image. When we kill out of hatred, without regard for life we are sinning against God, against His creation.

If you love the Lord Your God with all your heart and soul and might, there is no room for hate killing. Jesus told us to love one another as he love us. I guess that means if we take a life, we don’t believe that Jesus loves us!?

Perhaps it is time to remember who we are and whose we are. It is time to truly value life again.

Let us pray: Lord, thank you for shining the light on this scripture for us this day. Thank you for reminding us that life is valuable, it is a gift from you and not to be distroyed. Remind me each day, each hour, every time the shadows enter my heart and I want to take a life, remind me that, that person was created in your image, just as I was. Amen.

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