Spiritual Surrender

The most important thing to do always, once we have surrendered our lives, is to listen for God’s support, suggestions, direction, care and love. Through spiritual practices that include silence, like journaling, meditating, Bible study, we develop an inner ear attuned all day long to the Lord. We can hear him in the midst of busyness, in the midst of clamor, in the midst of distraction, rest, meetings, driving—in all the areas of our lives. We can hear him at all times.

As we develop that inner attentiveness, we will want to focus on our “sin,” where we miss the mark of being in God’s presence. We will want to be vigilant about our thinking, to pay attention to the signals our bodies and minds are sending us and to listen for the murmurings of our souls. We aren’t doing this to punish ourselves, not at all, but to continually clear our whatever stands between us and God.

Here is a prayer of release:

I release whatever I am holding onto in my body; I let everything go.

I release whatever I am holding onto in my mind; I let everything go.

I release whatever I am holding onto in my heart; I let everything go.

I release whatever binds my soul and spirit; I let everything go.

Blessing for the week: May we surrender our lives to God and then continue to surrender our expectations, assumptions, our culturally-based preconceptions as we embrace our lives as they are. May we seek always to deepen our connection to God. May we be healed of all that stands between us and the Creator. May we become what he intended for each of us from our creation.

In faith and love,



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