Zwinglie’s Branch

Zwingli’s Branch
“ Oh, How I Love Jesus!, Oh, How I Love Jesus!, Oh How I Love Jesus, because He first loved me!”

Oh, Hi there folks! Just having a little praise time with the Lord! I had a great summer, hope you did too! But, I am sure glad we are heading into Fall!. Fall is great! There is so much to do! I love hearing everyone around the church again. This summer seemed a bit quiet, except Sunday mornings and once a month for the Community Meal!
But now . . . Wow! we are hustling and bustling!!
Prayer Circle is meeting again. I love to listen to them pray. They pray for each of us you know. How great is that! Body & Soul Study is happening on Wednesday afternoons. That always intrigues me! I love to hear them read and talk about the scriptures!! The Gospel of Mark is exciting! Immediately this, immediately that! Boy it seems they were in a hurry all the time! But now in the second half, the writer has slowed things down, almost like saying to us “now, listen, this is the important part!”. Oh, then there is the Choir! I didn’t think choir was ever going to start up again, but now they are back and sound even better than before! I have missed their singing in Sunday Worship! Oh, and Consistory is meeting again also! I love hearing them talking about the ministry of the church! Ok, business stuff too! You know, I don’t know how often we think of it, but it takes quite a bit of visioning and planning to keep the church going!
Personally, I am busy too! It is time to gather my winter stash of nuts. I know many of you have done the same, with beets, and beans, and tomatoes, an zucchini, and all sorts of fruit! it is good that we prepare. Prepare for our personal needs and for our eternal life. Those two things should keep us all pretty busy!
Well, gotta scamper off! Gonna have lunch with some of my friends I haven’t seen for a while and then we are all going nut hunting! “Oh How I love Jesus! Oh, How I live Jesus!, Oh How I love Jesus, because he first loved me! . . .” Happy Fall!, Zwingli!

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