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Zwingli’s Branch . . .                                         Sept/Oct 2018

Boy, what a hot and humid summer we have had!  I was getting worried and tried to get Pastor Mary to build and Ark, but she was on medical leave.  🙁

Things were pretty quiet around here without her, but people pulled together and got done what needed doing – that is, except building an ark!  Pastor Mary said I just needed to trust the Lord and if He thought an Ark should be built, He would let us know.

Zwingli knows that we are to trust in God but sometimes life gets a little scary and sometimes more than a little!  When Zwingli gets sacred, Zwingli tends to go hide!  The problem with that is that it is always somewhere dark – like a hole in the wall, so under the organ, I feel lost and lonely and even more scared.

The Bible tells us to face the danger, the evil that surrounds us head-on knowing that Jesus is with us, knowing that Jesus will take care of us.  Jesus calls us to keep putting one foot in front of the other continuing the mission He gave us as a church to do.

In the Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 10, Jesus sends his disciples out to minister and spread the Good News. They had to go out without any money (no gold or silver or copper in their belts – vs. 10)  No bags, no extra clothes or even a staff.  They needed to go trusting in Jesus and all He had taught.

Imagine! Me Zwingli is not sure that this little squirrel could do that! But I guess that is where trusting comes in.  Do I Zwingli, trust in the Lord enough to step out of my comfort zone, my security and go and do where and what He tells me?  Can I go not knowing if there is a stash of nuts to find so that I won’t go hungry?  Can I go not knowing if I would have somewhere safe to sleep at night?

Also, in the Gospel of Matthew, Peter walks on water when Jesus calls to him.  Zwingli afraid of water!  Could I do that? Get out of the boat and trust that Jesus would not let me drown?  Peter did ok till he took his eyes of Jesus and then he began to sink, but Jesus reached out and pulled him up. Will Jesus do that for me?

When you think about it – the disciples including Peter where the “Church” at that time.  Could that mean that we, as the “Church” are called to do the same?  To go out even in dangerous waters keeping our minds and eyes on Christ. To not look at the danger – financial, physical, emotional danger around us, but to faithfully go and do what Jesus calls us to do: to love one another, feed the hungry take care of the ill, to welcome the stranger, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ no matter who they are, to give generously knowing that God will take care of us.  Me Zwingli thinks I need to work on my trust issues!!!  I would prefer to stay safe and comfortable where I know I will be ok.  Can, I Zwingli, let go?  Can I put my concerns about safety and security aside and trust Jesus to take care of me; to supply my need even where I can’t figure out how it is all going to work?

I guess, if I claim to follow Christ, I must, I must increase my trust and answer His call.

Perhaps, you and I Zwingli can help each other!  When we see that one of us is struggling, we can do like Jesus and reach out and lift each other up, reminding one another to just trust in the Lord.

Bye for now.  I am going to go face the day, trusting in Jesus!

I must, I must, put my trust in the Lord.

I must, I must, put my trust in the Lord!


Zwingli’s Branch
“ Oh, How I Love Jesus!, Oh, How I Love Jesus!, Oh How I Love Jesus, because He first loved me!”

Oh, Hi there folks! Just having a little praise time with the Lord! I had a great summer, hope you did too! But, I am sure glad we are heading into Fall!. Fall is great! There is so much to do! I love hearing everyone around the church again. This summer seemed a bit quiet, except Sunday mornings and once a month for the Community Meal!
But now . . . Wow! we are hustling and bustling!!
Prayer Circle is meeting again. I love to listen to them pray. They pray for each of us you know. How great is that! Body & Soul Study is happening on Wednesday afternoons. That always intrigues me! I love to hear them read and talk about the scriptures!! The Gospel of Mark is exciting! Immediately this, immediately that! Boy it seems they were in a hurry all the time! But now in the second half, the writer has slowed things down, almost like saying to us “now, listen, this is the important part!”. Oh, then there is the Choir! I didn’t think choir was ever going to start up again, but now they are back and sound even better than before! I have missed their singing in Sunday Worship! Oh, and Consistory is meeting again also! I love hearing them talking about the ministry of the church! Ok, business stuff too! You know, I don’t know how often we think of it, but it takes quite a bit of visioning and planning to keep the church going!
Personally, I am busy too! It is time to gather my winter stash of nuts. I know many of you have done the same, with beets, and beans, and tomatoes, an zucchini, and all sorts of fruit! it is good that we prepare. Prepare for our personal needs and for our eternal life. Those two things should keep us all pretty busy!
Well, gotta scamper off! Gonna have lunch with some of my friends I haven’t seen for a while and then we are all going nut hunting! “Oh How I love Jesus! Oh, How I live Jesus!, Oh How I love Jesus, because he first loved me! . . .” Happy Fall!, Zwingli!

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